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2020 Holiday Turkey Varieties


NEW!! Bourbon Red Heritage Turkeys $7 / lb

This year, we are excited to offer a limited run of Bourbon Red Heritage Turkeys. Bourbon Reds were developed in Pennsylvania and Kentucky in the late 1800's. Heritage breeds are slow growing, providing a deeply flavored lean meat. Bourbon Reds take up to 30 weeks to grow, so the deadline to order a heritage bird will be April 1, 2020


Broad Breasted Bronze $5 / lb

Our main flock of turkeys for 2020 will once again be Broad Breasted Bronze turkeys.  Broad-Breasted Bronze turkeys are fast-growing and produce dense succulent meat. Broad-Breasted Bronze Turkeys are the picture of the traditional Thanksgiving turkey bird.   

Deposit for 2020 Turkeys is $20

2020 Holiday Turkey Reservation

Payment of the deposit invoice constitutes a binding contract in which Fender Family Farms agrees to reserve a Turkey for the customer to be delivered in the fall of 2020. Customer agrees that the final cost of the Turkey will be calculated at $5.00 / lb for Broad Breasted Bronze or $7 / lb for Bourbon Red. The whole of this deposit will be credited towards the final purchase price of the Turkey. Should the customer cancel their order, this deposit in non-refundable. Payment in full for the remainder of the turkey must be made at time of, or prior to, delivery. Once deposit has been paid, the customer is guaranteed their reservation or a refund in full will be given. Deposits must be paid within 7 days of invoice receipt to guarantee reservation. 

Turkey Reservations Are Open Jan 6 - Jun 1

Turkey reservations require a $20 deposit per bird. You will be invoiced within 24 hours of request.

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