Soy-Free Pasture Raised Chicken

When we set out to raise chickens, we wanted to hold ourselves to a quality standard not found in modern factory farming. A big part of that was feeding our flocks the very best that we could. In fact, everything we do is with the health and well-being of our animals in mind. 

We believe it's important to remember that chickens and turkeys are not vegetarians. They are omnivores and should be treated as such for the best possible quality meat and eggs. Our chickens are raised on green pastures in predator proof tractors. From the time they are big enough to leave the brooders, they have 24 hours access to fresh air and the ability to hunt bugs and worms as their instincts dictate. We supplement those natural hunting tendencies with 100% GMO free, soy-free and chemical free cracked whole grain feed. 
We strongly believe that this careful management of our flock produces chickens that are tender, juicy, and lean. We always utilize a USDA inspected processor for your peace of mind and we never add any kind of brine or flavoring solution. Our birds are naturally plump!

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