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Farmshares At Their Finest

Our survival as a small family owned farm is 100% dependant on the partnership between us - as farmers - and you, our community. Community Supported Agriculture has a long history of connecting consumers directly with the farms that produce their food. In a traditional CSA, you pre-pay for the season and receive either weekly or monthly pre-determined and pre-packaged boxes or baskets.  We knew we wanted to structure ours a bit differently. We have structured our CSA to be more like levels of investment, giving you the freedom to choose what cuts your family is most comfortable with on a timeline that fits your needs.  


How Does it Work?

We give you the freedom to choose your level of investment. There is no time commitment. There is no set day of the week or the month for you to pick up. Simply choose your level of investment, make your payment and we will issue you a CSA Farmshare card with your allotted amount pre-loaded for you to use any time you need to. This gift card is good for any of our cuts of chicken or eggs.  Pick up once a week, once a month, or however often you need to. Your level of investment gives you a bonus return equivalent to either a 5%, 10%, or 15% discount. Your investment can be made at any time of the year and is renewable whenever you need it to be. Do you want to make a bigger investment than our three levels? Feel free to purchase more than one share! 

Have more questions on how it works? Check out our Blog Post!


Can I Use It For a Turkey?

Yes. If you would like to utilize part of your investment on the reservation of a holiday turkey, you absolutely may. You can utilize your CSA Farmshare card to make the deposit, pay the final balance at pick up, or both. 


Fresh or Frozen?

Our growing season for chicken runs from March - October. During the season, we process chicken every month from April to November. All CSA members will receive an email notification 2 days before we pick up the freshly processed chickens. Fresh chicken will be available for pickup for 24 hours after it returns from processing. Anyone wishing to pick up fresh chicken, may do so then. After 24 hours we freeze everything to ensure quality. From November - April, all chicken comes from our freezers. 


Are you a Military Family or First Responder?

We are proud to be members of the Farmer Veterans Coalition and Homegrown by Heroes. We are a Military family and Jennifer is a former Police Dispatcher. Giving back to the Military, Veteran and First Responder Communities is important to us. If you are Active Duty, Reserves, Retired, a Veteran, Police, Fire, or EMS, we will add an additional 10% return on investment to your membership card. Contact us directly for verification and a special link to purchase. 

Still Have Questions?